Eyelid surgery (Blepharoplasty)

Eyelid plastic surgery or Blepharoplasty offers you a youthful, attractive and relaxed look, since it removes excess skin and eye-bags.

In the upper eye-lids, besides excess skin, internal fat is also removed from the eye-lid region.

In the lower eye-lids, in order to achieve a youthful look, not only the ‘bags’ and the fat creating them are removed, but a more complex procedure is performed so as to reduce volume and reshape tissue bordering the bones.

The aim of Eyelid plastic surgery is to restore a smooth shift from the lower eye-lids to the cheeks, without hollowing and to reduce black circles as much as possible.

This surgical operation cannot remove all folds appearing around the external corner of the eyes when one laughs or the malar fat pads from face cheeks.

Preparation for eyelid plastic surgery

Before the operation you will be asked:

To avoid taking aspirin and anti-inflammatory medication, because they increase bleeding disposition.

Recovery period after Eyelid plastic surgery

The following instructions will be given to you after Eyelid plastic surgery:

Avoid bending and intense physical activity for five days, to avoid bleeding.
Dry your eyes by patting them with wet gauze pads.

Use eye ointment for three to four days.

You cannot use eye makeup for ten to fifteen days.

You have to avoid taking aspirin and anti-inflammatory medication, because they increase bleeding disposition.

Pain is not typical after eyelid plastic surgery and can be managed with mild pain killer. The use of artificial tears will help you in the first days after the operation.

Sunglasses are necessary immediately after surgery. Contact lenses cannot be used for about ten days.
Stitches are removed a week after the operation.

Surgical incisions may be slightly red for some weeks or months, but can be covered with makeup after the stitches have been removed. The mildly raised incision trace in the external corner of the eye gradually recedes by mildly massaging the region, around two weeks after the operation.

Bruising and eye swelling can be expected following blepharoplasty; they last for about a week.


Anaesthesia Local Anaesthesia
Hospitalisation ——–
Stitches removal 7 days
Return to work After 1 week