Clinic VIE

Clinic VIE

A dream come true

Plastic Surgeon Georgia Vadarli founded ClinicVIE in 2009.
ClinicVIE is a medical centre in the BALKAN CENTER, providing patient-centred, cosmetic medical care, using advanced technology. The clinic’s medical staff is friendly and experienced to help you feel comfortable.

The key to success

We believe that communication is the key to help you realise the dream of changing your appearance and gaining greater self-confidence. We have as much time as you need to carefully listen to your desires and to explain in detail what to expect from your treatment (surgical or otherwise). We pledge to be sensitive towards your concerns and provide you with support throughout the process, from the first visit to the postoperative period.

Advanced and proven techniques

Cosmetic plastic surgery has presented impressive new techniques in recent years, which have been tested at a research level and in their clinical application. These advanced techniques give us the opportunity to help our patients.

Our services

From your first visit you will be immediately informed by the head of the centre, Georgia Vadarli, who will explain to you in understandable terms and with scientific accuracy all Cosmetic Surgery solutions.

Together, you will explore the possibilities and discuss the expected results. If you and the plastic surgeon decide upon the performance of a surgical procedure, it will take place in the private hospital “Agios Loukas” in Panorama, Thessaloniki and we will take great care to ensure confidentiality.

Furthermore, as the best results can often be achieved by combining Cosmetic Surgery with various non-invasive treatments, you will find all these treatments available at our clinic.

Attention to details

Our goal is to provide professional and supportive medical care and we pay special attention to all details to offer you a good experience and results that will satisfy you.