FREEZE (MP)2 Skin tightening


Radiofrequency  FREEZE Venus  (MP)2  helps you acquire perfect proportions, since they offer immediate and painless treatment for flabbiness, cellulite and local fat.

FREEZE Venus (MP)2 – Multi Polar Magnetic Pulses

FREEZE Venus (MP)2 is the new most recent advance in the technology of radiofrequencies, because it is a system of multi-polar radiofrequency combined with a magnetic field.

(MP)2 means Multi Polar Magnetic Pulses and it is unique because it transmits radiofrequencies and magnetic pulses simultaneously; this results in creating a dense energy field, which penetrates the various skin layers and fatty tissue.

Where are radiofrequencies applied using the FREEZE Venus (MP)2 method?

They are applied in many areas of the body and face; additionally, they improve skin tone, texture and appearance.

The method is ideal for the face. It is applied, in particular, it the area of the forehead, around the eyes, in the cheeks and mouth, the jawline contour and the double chin.

This is a non-surgical solution for neck flabbiness and, recently, for breast lift, when applied to the décolletage area.

In the arms it makes the skin appear tighter and smoother and reduces their perimeter.

Abdominal region and ‘love handles’ treatment offers impressive reduction results.

When applied to the buttocks and thighs, besides tightening, the method also treats cellulite.

How does FREEZE Venus (MP)2 work?

The synergy between the pulsed magnetic field and the radio frequencies significantly increases the production of collagen and elastin fibres through two distinct mechanisms: Angiogenesis improves blood circulation and leads to higher oxygen and nutrient supply to the skin. Furthermore, the heat generated by radiofrequencies results in collagen fibre shrinkage and lipolysis.