Laser Alexandrite Hair removal

Fast, permanent and painless depilation using Laser can be achieved with the use of the specialised Laser ALEXANDRITE (755 nm).

Undesirable hair growth at various areas of the body can be effectively treated using the Laser ALEXANDRITE (755 nm). The hair follicle is destroyed, without harming adjacent skin tissue. This procedure is based on the fact that a specific wavelength of the Laser beam is absorbed by the hair and destroys its follicle.

Hair removal using the Laser ALEXANDRITE (755 nm) can treat even hairs with minimal melanin content, having no effect on the melanin of the skin surrounding the hair.

Hairs respond to Laser treatment when they are in their active growth phase. Since they are not always in this phase, though, more than one treatment sessions are necessary.

In summer months, depilation using ND:YAG (1064 nm) Laser is performed on tanned skin, so as not to interrupt regular treatment.

Sessions required for various body areas are as follows:


Body areas Number of sessions Interval of therapies
Lips 2-4 4 weeks
Face 4-6 4-6 weeks
Bikini 4-5 4-6 weeks
Hands 4-5 4-6 weeks
Αrmpit 4-5 4-6 weeks
Back 4-5 4-6 weeks
Legs 6-8 6-8 weeks