Breast Reduction

Large and heavy breasts often make many women feel physically and psychologically uncomfortable. Women often complain about pains in their upper back and neck, breathing difficulty and skin irritation in the folds under their breasts.

Surgical breast reduction provides relief for women with such problems. Indeed, it is one of the most successful cosmetic interventions, because the result is immediate and allows women to enjoy a more active life and enhances their self-esteem, as reported by many young women and adolescent girls.

During the operation, fat, gland tissue, and skin are removed. Also the size of the areola (dark area around the nipple) can be reduced. The ultimate goal is to shape attractive breasts in harmony with the rest of your body.

Watch the operation in 3D animation


Anaesthesia General anaesthesia
Hospitalisation 1-2 nights
Stitches removal After 10 days
Return to work After 2 weeks