Travelling to Thessaloniki

For those of you coming from distant parts of Greece or from abroad, we undertake all your travel organisation tasks.

Before surgery.

Organise a telephone appointment with the doctor G. Vadarli if you are unable to visit our medical centre in Thessaloniki.

Schedule the day of your surgery. Then, we will inform you how many days earlier you need to arrive and how many days you need to stay in Thessaloniki after surgery, e.g. for breast augmentation you have to be here 1-2 days earlier and stay 5 days after and for rhinoplasty one day before and 7 days after surgery.

After surgery.

Most surgical procedures of the plastic surgeon G. Vadarli require you to stay in the clinic for one night and for larger procedures two days.
For the remaining days we can arrange for you to stay in a hotel in the area. Your return to the airport after the end of the treatment and your stay in our city is no hassle as the medical centre of G. Vadarli and the clinic where she performs the surgeries are close to the airport.